Lots more pictures of Anna on-line.

even more baby photos As always it has taken quite a while to get more pictures of the baby onto the site. But, the wait is over. And, for the sake of Jim's mom and others with dial-up access and limited computer power, the galleries are now broken out into six-week sections. Hopefully everyone can enjoy all the new picures now. Visit the photos page to see the results of Jim's hard work.


Finally, we have added more pictures.

more baby photos Yet again, it has taken a while to update the site with new pictures of Anna. Now, her tenth through thirteenth weeks are ready for viewing. For every visitor to our site who wonders why we have so many pictures of one child, there seems to be two people calling to ask why we don't have more pictures. Well, here they are. Stop on by the photos page to see the newest stuff.


Lots more pictures.

new baby photos We have added many more pictures of Anna, up through her 9th week. Drop by the photos page to see the latest.


She's here.

photos of the new baby We are pleased to announce that our family has grown by 50%. Anna Grace Walker was born at 12:58 pm on Friday, March 18th. Visit the photos page to see pictures from her first few weeks.


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we're continuing to refine and update the site. Mostly just baby pictures for now. Check back soon.